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Pregiate Essenze is a collection of wooden artisan made creations, entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy. 

Pregiate Essenze was born form a long family tradition of expert restorers of antique furniture with the idea that nature being the purest form of art, it should be left untouched;  "Art" being nothing more than an attempt to imitate nature's beauty.

This collection brings modern and unique designs to each pieces while keeping all of the wood's natural beauty intact;
which is why each creation is made from solid, genuine wood. 

Look for the following phrase in the product's description and be sure to be the only owner in the world of the piece your are viewing: "Exclusive and unrepeatable creation. No further copies of this item were, or will ever be created "

If this phrase is not present on the product's description, it means that other copies of that piece could be recreated in the future.

  • Each creation comes with its very own Certificate of Authenticity. 
  • Each piece is elegantly inlaid entirely by hand.
  • The essences of wood used for these creations come from every continent of the world and are chosen with immense care to make every detail count.  
  • Each piece by Pregiate Essenze is signed by its creator.


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