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Our story

Art&Craft was born in France, with the idea that everyone is unique, original, authentic, and so should be every part of the world surrounding them. We therefore decided to team up with skilled European artisans and craftsmen in order to offer more than just an unlimited stock of mass production items. 

Here at Art&Craft, you will only find artisan made creations, designed and handcrafted entirely in Europe by our exclusive artisan partners Hyccara jewelry Made in France and Pregiate Essenze Made in Italy.


With years of work and research we are now able to offer you products that are literally "one of a kind", meaning that only one copy exists in the world. You can purchase an item containing this phrase in its description: 
"Exclusive and unrepeatable creation. No further copies of this item were, or will ever be created. Only one available"
and watch it disappear from our catalog the next second, as proof that once you own it, it no longer exists. 

Find a creation that reflects your individuality, your elegance, your
 attitude... And be the only one in the world to own it, just like you own your personality.